The Pulse


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THE PULSE is a text based, interactive sci-fi narrative that takes players on a journey across the dark and desolate town of Cutter's Crossing as they help a woman with no memory reclaim her identity, solve what happened to its inhabitants, and learn the secrets of a mysterious pulse that seems to be the source of it all.     

The Pulse was written by Christopher Webster and produced by Gareth Higgins, Arthur Lee, Claire Tunney and Christopher Webster. 


New Horizons is a fast-paced YA novel in the tradition of The Maze Runner and The Hunger Games where teens fight for survival in an unflinching and classic coming-of-age tale. 

Kids call it The Compound - an endless wilderness enclave where teens rule and every day is a fight for survival. A world out-of-time where an elaborate culture has arisen out of violence and scarcity, and all live under the thumb of unseen masters who have ultimate control. 

15 year-old Marcus Riley is The Compound’s latest enrollment. A delinquent, kidnapped from his inner-city apartment, he wakes up alone in the wilderness. Left with nothing but the clothes on his back and a cryptic note in his pocket, it seems only his wits will keep him alive... but for how long?

The first part in Christopher Webster’s Enrollment Trilogy, New Horizons is an exciting, fast-paced adventure full of mystery that doesn't let up for a single page.